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"Pandemic of Influenza 1918-19"

Table of Contents

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Reports on Public Health and Medical Subjects. No4


Section Page
Cover and General Contents i
Chief Medical Officer's Introduction iv

PART 1 - Influenza in Great Britain and Ireland

Part 1: Contents 1-2
1 The History of Influenza in England,1658-1911 3
2 A General Statistical Study of the Influenzas of 1918-19 in the United Kingdom 35
3 Clinical Features of the Epidemics of 1918-19 66
4 The Bacteriology of the Influenzas of 1918-19 110
5 The Infectivity of Influenza 127
6 Natural Immunity and the Protection conferred by a previous Attack of Influenza 131
7 The relation between Meteorological Conditions and the Death Rate from Respiratory Diseases with particular reference to Influenza 150
8 Domestic Overcrowding and Influenza 164
9 The General and Special Prophylaxis of Influenza 173
10 A General Discussion of the Epidemiology of Influenza 182

PART 2 - Influenza in Foreign Countries, 1918-19

Part 2: Contents 197
1 Europe and the Western Hemisphere
Chapter 1 Contents and Introduction 199
Europe 204
United States of America 281
2 Australasia and Parts of Africa and Asia, by Lieut.-Col. S. P. James, MD. 349

PART 3 - Appendicies

Appendicies: Contents 387
Appendix 1 Report on Incidence of Influenza in the University and Borough of Cambridge, and in the Friends' School, Saffron Walden 388
Appendix 2 Report on an Inquiry into the recent Epidemic of Influenza in the County Borough of Leicester 445
Appendix 3 Analysis of the results of a Block Census undertaken in Manchester in December 1918 456
Appendix 4 Report on the Epidemic of Influenza in Manchester, 1918-19. 471
Appendix 5 Report on Influenza amongst the employees of two firms of chemical manufacturers, Messrs. the United Alkali Company of Widnes, and Messrs the Castner Kellner Company of Runcorn, together with–for control purposes–certain figures relating to the incidence of the disease amongst Ironworkers 521
Appendix 6 Report on an Investigation of Epidemic Influenza in the County Borough of South Shields, 1919 529
Appendix 7 Report on an investigation of the incidence and effects of Influenza among the Population of Warrington (Lancs.) 539
Appendix 8 Analysis of an Influenza Census at Newcastle-upon-Tyne 556
Appendix 9 Summary of Results of an inquiry at Wigan 564
Appendix 10 Summary of Results of an Inquiry at Blackburn 567
Appendix 11 Extract from a Report on the incidence of Influenza on certain classes of Workers in the Southern Section of the Swansea Valley 573
Appendix 12 Note on the Periodicity of Influenza 575