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"Pandemic of Influenza 1918-19"

Reports on Public Health and Medical Subjects. No4

One of the most important resources available via the database is a monograph published by the British Ministry of Health in 1920 regarding the 1918-19 influenza pandemic. The entire manuscript is over 600 pages long and contains over 100 detailed tables with data never before analysed using modern mathematical and techniques and computational capacities.

As a starting point for browsing the text, please see the table of contents, from which individual chapters can be downloaded as OCR-read (optical character recognition) PDF documents. You can also search through the data sets from the monograph using FluWeb's Data Search, or see a full list of the searchable data sets from the monograph here.

The OCR files are text-searchable and compact (less than 50kb per page), and we suggest that these are the starting point for any investigation of the text. However, please note the relevant warnings (below) about the possibility of errors in the text due to OCR scanning.

Warning regarding OCR PDF files

Some of the PDF files linked to the database will contain text that has been generated through an OCR (optical character recognition) scan of original documents. This greatly reduces this final size of the files and allows for the searching of text contained in the documents.

Wherever an OCR file is available it will be clearly labelled, and an unprocessed image file will also be available.

Every effort at maintaining integrity to the original has been made, however, only very limited checking has been performed on the OCR files and consequently there is no guarantee that the resulting text is free of errors.

We strongly advise that anyone using any data from OCR read files to download the original image file and make a thorough check before publishing any results. Original image files in JPEG format can be downloaded here.