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NMRC urgent research into a potential avian influenza-induced pandemic

The project is headed by Professor John Mathews and involves contributions from a number of top researchers in the areas of infectious disease modeling and vaccine testing. Mathematical methods will be used to analyse historic and contemporary data, so as to provide better understanding of the spread of influenza, and of the likely effects of social and medical measures for its control.

An important theme of the project is to consolidate our knowledge about how past exposure to non-pandemic influenza could provide short-lived protection against any new pandemic, and to explore the implications of this for prevention today. Another theme is to explore the severity of influenza during pandemics, and to identify social and medical factors that might reduce the dose of virus transmitted, or otherwise reduce the severity of infection.

The insights from the modeling will also help to identify gaps in knowledge and understanding about the basic biology of influenza, stimulate new research to fill those gaps, and thus offer the prospect of more effective vaccines and treatments for the future control of influenza.

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The copyright status of sources and data sets has been checked prior to their entry on the database. Only where items have entered the public domain, or where permission has been gained from the relevant copyright holders, has content been made publicly available. We recommend that anyone wishing to publish content obtained from this website, or results arising from the use of such content, provide full acknowledgement of the original source of the data, and of FluWeb (see below for instructions on how to acknowledge FluWeb).

For sources that remain restricted by copyright provisions, or that are otherwise readily available, scanned copies of data may not be made available. In such cases, notes will be provided describing the relevant data, and a full bibliographic reference given.

Where downloadable files include any original work by researchers within the NHMRC project, ownership of that work is governed by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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When publishing any data obtained from this website, or when publishing results derived from such data, please reference FluWeb in the following manner:

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Warning regarding OCR PDF files

Some of the PDF files linked to the database will contain text that has been generated through an OCR (optical character recognition) scan of original documents. This greatly reduces this final size of the files and allows for the searching of text contained in the documents.

Wherever an OCR file is available it will be clearly labelled, and an unprocessed image file will also be available.

Every effort at maintaining integrity to the original has been made, however, only very limited checking has been performed on the OCR files and consequently there is no guarantee that the resulting text is free of errors.

We strongly advise that anyone using any data from OCR read files to download the original image file and make a thorough check before publishing any results. Original image files in JPEG format can be downloaded here.