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Ministry of Health (Source ID = 1) In addition to the individual data sets for this source available via the search mechanisms, a complete copy of this monograph is available as a PDF document from FluWeb's 'Primary Resources' page.
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Table G (page 431) Table summarising the incubation period of influenza cases in the colleges at Cambridge, UK in 1918-19. The incubation peiod is measured as the number of days between date of exposure to previous case and the date of symptom onset. 144 cases in total.153
TABLE 2 (pages 38-39) Weekly Deaths from Influenza, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Phthisis in London during the Epidemics of 1918-19.
-Note OCR error-
Page number for page 39 is printed as '30'.
Table 4 (page 42) Case rate per Million of Notified Cases of Influenza, Pneumonia, Bronchitis in Copenhagen.
  • Weekly figures for age groups 0-5, 5-15, 15-65 and 65+.
  • Shows the three waves of the pandemic from March 1918 to May 1919.
  • Does not separate by cause.
Includes graph of Table 4 data as "Diagram 5".
TABLE 7 (page 48) Correlation between the Mean Standard Death Rates for 1911-14 and the Death Rates in the Summer, Autumn and Winter Epidemics of Influenza (Deaths per 1,000). 29 London Boroughs and 82 Country Boroughs. 19
Diagram 10, Table 12 (page 55) Includes:
  • Diagram 10:Influenza Incidence by week for Copenhagen and Royal Air Force 1918-19.
  • Table 12: Data Utilised for the Constuction of Diagram 10.
  • Additional data for Munich (1889) and British Army home stations (1889)
Note OCR error. "February 15th" read as "February 1oth" in two instances.
TABLE 3. Summer and Autumn (page 141) Analysis of double attacks for the Summer and Autumn waves 1918-19 (Fourteen English localities). 21
TABLE 4. Summer and Winter (page 142) Analysis of double attacks for the Summer and Winter waves 1918-19 (Fourteen English localities).22
TABLE 5. Autumn and Winter (page 143) Analysis of double attacks for the Autumn and Winter waves 1918-19 (Fourteen English localities).23
Influenza Cases and Deaths amongst American Indians (page 322) "Cases of Influenza and Deaths among Indians in United States from 1st October 1918 to 30th June 1919".
For each state:
  • Total Indian Population
  • Number of cases and number of deaths.
  • Case mortality.

Note OCR errors in table title. "Cases" read as "Gases". "30th June" read as "60th June".
TABLE 1 (page 136) Summarises multiple wave attack data for thirteen English towns/schools for the 1918-19 pandemic. Includes:
  • total number at risk for each population
  • total number of attacks for each separate wave
  • number having attacks in two of the three waves (summer and autumn, autumn and winter, summer and winter)
  • number having attacks in all three waves
See related Records 21, 22, 23 (Record ID).
Tables 2A-2N (pages 137-140) Four-fold tables cross-tabulating influenza attacks and escapes for each of the three pandemic waves in 1918-19. Thirteen tables in total, one for each of the English districts surveyed.
See also Records 21-23 and 57 (Record ID).
Cross-tabulations of multiple attacks Tabulates the number of people attacked accross the three 1918-19 pandemic waves in England for twleve localities.
  • twelve 2*2*2 (8-cell) tables, shown as pairs of 2*2 tables.
  • Shows number of people attacked/not attacked in each of the available combinations of the Summer, Autumn and Winter waves.
See Record ID = 57 and 58 for source data.
Table 1 (page 14) "London Influenza, 1847-48. From 46th week of 1847 to 12th week of 1848".
Shows weekly mortality figures for Influenza, Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Phthisis for the age groups 0-15, 15-60 and 60+.
Table 2 (page 15) "Deaths at Ages in London from Influenza, Pneumonia, Broncitis, and Phthisis in 1847, 1848, 1849." Contains:
  • Aggregate mortality for each of the four causes in three age groups (0-15, 15-60 and 60+).
  • The proportion of the total London population in each of the age groups.
  • The percentage of mortality falling in each age group (by cause).
  • Separate figures for 1847, 1848 and 1849.
Table 3 (page 15) "Death Rates per Million from Influenza (Persons), England and Wales".
  • Mortality rates (per million) for eleven age categories during the following periods: 1847-48, 1848-72, 1890-91, 1881-90, 1891-1900, 1901-1910.
  • The above figures presented as percentages of the rates for the age group 0-5.
Table 7 (page 20) "The Special Outbursts"
Summary details of seven selected severe epidemics occurring in the period 1890-1908. Includes:
  • Duration of epidemic
  • Average weekly deaths from different causes
  • Proportion of mortality from influenza and pneumonia borne by the 20-40 age group
  • Average weekly deaths for each quarter of 1889 (by cause)
  • Census populations of London for the years 1891, 1901 and 1911
  • Proportion of the London population in the age group 20-40 for these years
Table 6 (pages 21-22) "Death-rates per Million from Influenza, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Phthisis in London, 1889-1911". Shows yearly data, tabulated for the age groups 0-5, 5-20, 20-40, 40-60, 60-80 and 80+. The bounds of upper age groups change from 1905 onwards.68
Table 8 (page 23) "Influenza. Proportion borne by Age Group 20-40" (London). Includes:
  • Proportion of mortality from Influenza and other causes borne by 20-40 years olds for selected years between 1890 and 1908.
  • Proportion of the total population
Table 9 (pages 31-32) "MALES - Deaths from Influenza, all forms of Pneumonia and Bronchitis, in England and Wales from 1889 - 1917".
  • Data sorted into ten age groups 0-5 to 65+.
  • Includes census data giving total numbers in each age group for 1891, 1901 and 1911.
  • Mortality rates may be inferred by using census data as denominator.
Table 9A (pages 33-34) "FEMALES - Deaths from Influenza, all forms of Pneumonia and Bronchitis, in England and Wales from 1889 - 1917".
  • Data sorted into ten age groups 0-5 to 65+.
  • Includes census data giving total numbers in each age group for 1891, 1901 and 1911.
  • Mortality rates may be inferred by using census data as denominator.
Table 4 (page 18) "London Influenza".
Gives the number of deaths attributed to influenza for the years 1890 to 1919.
Diagram 1 (facing page 40) "From the proceedings of the Royal Society of Medicine Jan 1919, Dr THC Stevenson - Deaths from Influenza in London 1890-1918"'
  • The percentage of influenza deaths in each of four age groups.
  • Yearly figures for 1890 to 1917.
  • Figures for 1918 split into July and October waves
Table 3 (page 41) Table showing:
  • Data for six English districts.
  • Age incidence (as percent of whole population) of influenza for the age groups 0-5, 5-15, 15-25, 25-45 and 45+.
  • The percentage of influenza incidence borne by each age group.
  • Separate data for each of the three 1918-19 pandemic waves.
Includes Diagram 4 (opposite page 40) showing percentage disease burden in each age group for each district and each wave.
Table 5 (page 43) "Proportional Distribution of Influenza Notifications in Copenhagen".
  • Total notified cases for the age groups 0-5, 5-15, 15-65 and 65+.
  • Percentage of notifications falling in each age group.
  • Yearly data for each year from 1889-90 to 1917 plus individual wave data for 1918-19.
Boston 1918-19 (page 299) Table detailing the course of the influenza epidemic in Boston from September 1918 until February 1919.
  • Weekly notified cases of Pneumonia and Influenza.
  • Weekly deaths from Pneumonia and Influenza.
Columbia 1918-19 (pages 316-17) Details of the 1918-19 pandemic in the district of Columbia, USA.
  • Weekly data from January 1918 to April 1919.
  • Absolute number of deaths from Influenza, Pneumonia and all causes.
  • Death-rate from all causes.
  • Chart summarising data.
Deaths in USA Cities (pages 319-320) Weekly mortality data from 46 cities of the USA for the period 14th September 1918 to 15th March 1919.
  • Deaths registered as due to Influenza and all froms of Pneumonia.
  • Total estimated population of each city as at 1st July 1918.
  • Total deaths for each city for the 27 weeks covered.