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Search mechanisms

There are two search mechanisms with which to access data, Search A and Search B.

Source Search locates sources according to bibliographic details (e.g. author/title searches). From the resulting list of sources, further searches can be performed to access data sets available from that source.

Data Search locates sources or records according to data characteristics. Search criteria cover aspects of data type (e.g. incidence, mortality), population (e.g. civilian, military etc.), recording type (e.g. hospital admissions, household census) , spatial type (e.g. urban, rural) and others.

Important terms

Within the database:
  • a source is a particular book or journal article containing data of interest. Each source has a unique, searchable Source ID number.
  • a record is a particular table/figure (or group of tables/figures) contained within some listed source. Each record has a unique, searchable Record ID number.

Download Data from Search Results

Where copyright provisions allow, data sets are available for download. From your search results, simply click the "Get Files for this Record" button next to the desired record. In most cases, PDF files will be available containing a scanned image of the particular table/chart. PDF files will occur in two formats - either as a plain image, or as an OCR (optical character recognition) scan of the original text. Please see the relevant warnings about the use of data from OCR-read files. In some cases, the data will also be available in XLS (MS Excel) format.